Transportation Access for Patients with Diabetes

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Please help improve the well-being of patients with Diabetes

SAM_2099_450The economically challenged and underserved patient population with Diabetes that receive medical services at Bridgeport Hospital’s Primary Care Center and Diabetes and Endocrinology Clinic that serve as a safety net for the community experience barriers to care due to transportation challenges. As a result, patients suffer lapses in care and are not medically compliant.

There are many Diabetes patients at high risk in our community who choose between buying food or paying for transportation to get to their medical appointments. The lack of resources for reliable transportation to and from our outpatient specialty care clinics is the main barrier to accessing care. Over 70% of patients utilizing the clinics live within a 10-mile radius of the hospital, in a concentrated area of poverty.

You can improve the health of select high-risk Diabetes patients in need by providing transportation assistance. Please click here to donate now.

A gift of $250.00 can provide 31 taxi rides, or 31 bus rides, or pay for parking for 62 visits.