President’sMessage – May 2017


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President’sMessage – May 2017

Celebrate National Nurses Week 

Please help us celebrate National Nurses Week with a gift in honor of a nurse that has made a difference in your life.

Nurses are the heart and soul of the care we deliver to patients at Bridgeport Hospital and in the community.  In making a contribution to recognize the nurses that cared for her recently, one donor said that Eileen and Lisa “were caring, cheerful and helpful in every way possible.”  Another benefactor commented that “Jen was my nurse…and her support and care got me through a scary and difficult time.  Jen’s nursing skills, her kindness and compassion are a credit to the Intensive Care Unit and to Bridgeport Hospital.  I will never forget what she did for me.”

A third donor wrote the following to his nurse: “Karen, I think you have such a fantastic attitude and personality…your purpose is to take care of other people, to make them feel better and you did an excellent job of taking care of me.  The best part of my experience…was meeting you.”

You may Click here to make a gift.  We will send a note to the nurse you honor, making them aware of your generosity while keeping the amount of your contribution confidential.