President’s Message – August 2017


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President’s Message – August 2017

The Fay Fund at Bridgeport Hospital

There is much in the news regarding the expanding role of hospitals in taking on increased social service responsibilities to improve their patients’ health and keep them out of the hospital. Patients and their families often struggle with a host of challenges resulting from poverty. The Fay Fund at Bridgeport Hospital enables us to improve the well-being of our patients and assist them in the face of difficult situations.

The Fay Fund at Bridgeport Hospital was established to support the non-medical needs of patients to help maintain their dignity and the dignity of their family when they lack the resources to pay for expenses such as:

  • A cane or a walker to be used at home
  • An electric bill so a family has heat and can bring their mother home to care for her.
  • Minor repair of an automobile so a mother can transport her son back and forth to rehabilitation services.
  • Replacement of a stolen iPad for a disabled patient who requires it to communicate.

These are merely a few of the ways the Fay Fund helps us support the essential needs of patients in our community. There are few other resources within the Foundation that help make such a difference in the lives of those we serve.

Please consider a gift of $10 or $25 a month today to help us help them!

Click here to make a donation to The Fay Fund! 

Contact us at or 203-384-3522 if we may be of assistance. If you prefer to mail a check, please send it to us along with this form.