President’s Message – April 2020


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President’s Message – April 2020

As the fight against COVID-19 enters its fifth week, we thank hundreds of individuals, families and businesses for their huge outpouring of support for Bridgeport Hospital staff caring for the sick in our community. We are so proud and pleased to announce that even as new patients arrive each day, many are recovering. In the last seven days we have discharged 109 COVID-19 patients to their homes!

Our employees – not only our clinicians but in every department in the hospital – are among the true heroes of this pandemic. One of our critical care physicians wrote a message to his colleagues after a recent shift in our Medical Intensive Care Unit:

Last weekend I was called to intubate a patient who was being ruled in/out for COVID-19 in the Medical ICU. While I was in the elevator, I rehearsed in my mind what I needed to do to protect the staff and myself for this intervention. Not until I walked through the doors did I realize the magnitude of this affliction that has engulfed our hospital specifically and the world in general. The staff made me feel welcome, helped me don appropriate protective gear and could not have been more helpful. They were engaged and receptive to my plan and instructions. After intubation, they were thankful and went right back to caring for the patient.

I may have spent 2 minutes in the room and I felt a sigh of relief when I left. It felt like 2 hours. As I looked back, it dawned upon me that these dedicated nurses, respiratory therapists, physicians and staff are spending hours in this dangerous environment. As a matter of kindness, a nurse asked ME if I was okay when I left the room and another bent over to doff my boot covers!

These front line professionals are true champions and my heroes. They are calm, collected and selfless people and I pray they remain strong and healthy as they faithfully care for these unfortunate patients. Please remind them frequently how proud the community is of their dedication and check on how they are doing emotionally. I love them and will keep them in my thoughts and prayers.

If you have not yet had a chance to do so, please consider a special gift in honor of all of our courageous and hardworking hospital staff to the COVID-19 Support Fund .

For important information on COVID-19 resources for you and your family, please click here.

As always, you have our heartfelt gratitude and best wishes for safety and good health.