President’s Message – April 2019


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President’s Message – April 2019

If you haven’t already, get a primary care doctor. Like a trusted friend by your side, a primary care doctor will keep your health care cost low and help you live longer and happier.

–       Michael Smith, MD, Medical Director of Bridgeport Hospital’s Primary Care Center

Sometimes our underserved patients need help to see their primary care doctor. Access to transportation is the primary barrier to medical care for many of our patients.

A $4 bus fare or $2 parking fee can be an insurmountable obstacle when poverty forces one to choose between buying food and traveling to medical appointments. Many patients cannot get to their appointments primarily because they lack transportation.

As a result of missed appointments, patients suffer lapses in care and the consequences can be severe.

Overcoming transportation barriers substantially increases access to care, reduces medical complications, decreases hospital admissions and improves patient satisfaction and well-being.

Your $100 gift will provide 25 bus rides, 50 parking passes, or 7 Uber rides.

Donate now to provide Transportation Assistance to patients who need it.

Thank you for your generous support!