NICU Patient Story – Rare Triplets


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NICU Patient Story – Rare Triplets

The NICU experienced the wonderful rare birth of triplets this summer. Perla Massiel Leguizamon knew she was expecting twins, but delivering triplets was a suprise!

Moses, Mateo and Austin were born at Bridgeport Hospital on August 17th, each weighing just over 3 lbs. They spent about three weeks gaining strength and size in the Allison Family Neonatal ICU on the Bridgeport campus of Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital before going home with Perla and their father, Moses Echevarria. “It was a shock,” says Perla about having her first three children at the same time, “but we’re adjusting.” She says her babysitting for relatives provided some experience in caring for infants and that came in handy when the triplets came along.


Two of the three newborns are identical, that is, born from the same egg. The third was born from a different egg. Just the same, the odds of having triplets in general are one in 9,000. Eliza Myers, MD, chief of Neonatology, who helped care for Perla’s children in the NICU, said even two identical babies in a set of triplets is very rare. “We were excited!” said Dr. Myers about staff reaction to caring for triplets. “Multiples are always fun!”

We continue to look for ways to connect with parents. We are excited to bring iPads into the unit, so that nurses can share daily care sessions (feeding, bathing) with families. We are also hoping to increase support of our Newborn Follow-Up Program and expand mental health support to our NICU parents.

Thank you for your support of the Allison Family Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Yale Children’s Hospital at Bridgeport (NNICU). We will keep you posted on further successes as our NICU continues to provide world class care of our tiniest patients!!