Honor Your Caregiver

All Honorees - October 1, 2022 to September 30, 2023

The following list of employees/units have been recognized for providing exceptional care and service and making a significant difference in the experience of our patients.  For each person/unit listed, a story has been shared and a donation made to Bridgeport Hospital on their behalf.

Edward Tuohy, MD

NEMG Cardiac Specialists

Mike Silva, RN

ICU ET9, Pamela D’Ambrosio, Nurse Mgr.

Necolle Morgado-Vega, DO


Erin Burch, RN

WT6, Trish McGahan, Nurse Mgr.


MC ED, Dawn Kalmanides, Nurse Mgr.

Kim Bielecki, RN

Marcy Furano, LMT

Park Avenue Medical Center – Honor Your Caregiver – 4 times for April;

Jamil Alexis, MD; Andrew Bedford, MD; Holly Brancato, RN; Sara Domack, RN; Nancy Mota, RN; Ryan Tufts, MD

Endoscopy/GI Holly Brancato, Nurse Mgr.

Jeremy Kaufman, MD

NEMG URO Hawley Lane

Dante Brittis, MD; Cullen Griffith, MD; Gary Zimmerman, MD

OSG Fairfield

Bridgeport Hospital Labor & Delivery Room Nurses

Tami Wresien, RN, Nurse Mgr.

Lily Perez, Lactation Specialist; Victoria Segura, RN

Women’s Care Center