Honor Your Caregiver

All Honorees - October 1, 2022 to September 30, 2023

The following list of employees/units have been recognized for providing exceptional care and service and making a significant difference in the experience of our patients.  For each person/unit listed, a story has been shared and a donation made to Bridgeport Hospital on their behalf.

Kaitlyn Medlyn, RN

RSU/CSO Medsurg Tele RN

Cardiac Care Staff

Diane Rydzy, RN Nurse Mgr. Angio Suite

John Cooper, RN

Milford Campus – South 3

East Tower 8 Staff

Megan Anderson, Nurse Mgr.

Kumuthini Partheepan, MD

Unit Medical Director, NEMG Hospitalists

Katherine Amerante, CRNA; Jeanetta Barrett, RN; Tavia Bunsie, PCT; Holly Gifford, RN; Michelle Onofrio, RN; Adeola Sadik, MD; Tania Sierra, MD; Frances Skeeter, RN; Kali Temple, PCT

BH Anesthesiology; Women’s Care T5; BH Recovery Room; NEMG Urological Assoc.; BH Cystoscopy

Doru Bordea,MD

Resul Dalipi, MD; Ela Smusz, RN

NEMG MC Hospitalist; MC MEDSURG M3

David Lobo, MD; Ed Pinto, MD; Marguerite Pinto, MD


Christine Munoz, RN

NW9 Traveler

East Tower 8 Staff

Megan Anderson, Nurse Mgr. – ET8 – July 12 & July 31

Marcy Furano, LMT

Park Avenue Medical Center – 6/2, 6/16,6/23 and 6/30/2023