Honor Your Caregiver

All Honorees - October 1, 2021 to September 30, 2022

The following list of employees/units have been recognized for providing exceptional care and service and making a significant difference in the experience of our patients.  For each person/unit listed, a story has been shared and a donation made to Bridgeport Hospital on their behalf.

Linda Mennillo, Prof. Nurse II

Northeast 7

Alexis Navarro-Duncan, RN

North West 7

David Witt, MD & Yousuf Ali, MD

Marcy Furano, LMT

Breast Center – 2/3/2022, 2/10/2022, 2/16/2022

Michele Attard, LMT

PAMC – 4 Honor Your Caregiver Gifts – 1/12/2022,1/24/2022, 1/31/2022 & 1/31/2022

Shannon Cintron, RN

Milford ED

Marcy Furano, LMT

Breast Center

Peter Ziegler, IV,RN

NE 7 Ortho Neuro Uro

Doctors & Nurses on 8th Floor

WT 8 / PTU – Jen O’Neil, Nurse Manager

Medical Oncology Unit Staff

WT – 7th Floor – James Wittstein, Nurse Manager

ET 8th Floor Staff

Megan Anderson, Interim Nurse Manager

Paul de Regt, PT

Ahlbin Rehabilitation Center