Honor Your Caregiver

All Honorees - October 1, 2021 to September 30, 2022

The following list of employees/units have been recognized for providing exceptional care and service and making a significant difference in the experience of our patients.  For each person/unit listed, a story has been shared and a donation made to Bridgeport Hospital on their behalf.

West Tower 8/PCU Day & Night Nurses

Jen O’Neil, Nurse Mgr. WT8

Roy Vargas, RN & Meghan Jacksis, RN

HVC Angio suite – 10th Floor

NE10 Nurses and ED Nurses

NE10 & ED

Milford Campus Rehab/PT Staff

Jennifer Cronin, Supervisor MC Rehab/PT 4th Floor

Marcy Furano, LMT

Breast Center – 7 Honor Your Caregivers for April

Yiyu Xie, MD

Podium 4 or Primary Care Center

Anton Stolear, MD

NEMG Hospitalists

Laurie Champagne, RN, Nikki Mazon, RN, Susanna

7th Floor Oncology



Daren Spinelle, MD

Milford Campus

Shea Gregg, MD

Andrew Hastings, RN, Victor Mejia, MD, Catherine Wright, RN, Morgan Sill

HVC Structural Heart Dept. 10th Floor