Honor Your Caregiver

All Honorees - October 1, 2020 to September 30, 2021

The following list of employees/units have been recognized for providing exceptional care and service and making a significant difference in the experience of our patients.  For each person/unit listed, a story has been shared and a donation made to Bridgeport Hospital on their behalf.

Milford Campus Nursing Staff

Peggie Parniawski, RN Exec. Dir. Nursing

Jay Williams,RN & Edwina Scott, RN

Williams – ER & Scott – Cardiology

Cameron Soares, PCT

Bridgeport Hospital Observation Unit

Kimberly Wills-Rinaldi


Pramod Bonde, MD

Marc D’Amato, PA; Joan Tiago, ICU Nurse

Susan Cole, RN


Marcy Furano, LMT

Breast Center

Michele Attard, LMT


Marcy Furano, LMT

Breast Center

NE Neuro Nurses

Sue Garrison, Nurse Mgr. NE7 Neuro

Murali Chiravuri, MD

Elena R., Carmina Alesna, RN

Jane Albrecht, RN, Gen Collier, Caroline Londa, PCT