Honor Your Caregiver (Past) 2014

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Susan Chudwick, CFRE Dr. Kevin Sprague
Susan Chudwick, CFRE Kevin Sprague, MD
Marge Smeraglino, RN Scott Thornton, M.D.
Marge Smeraglino, RN Scott Thornton, MD
Dr. Werdmann Dr. Craig McPherson
Michael J. Werdmann, MD Craig A. McPherson, MD
Dr. Bruce McGibbon Dr. Robert Herzlinger
Bruce McGibbon, MD Robert Herzlinger, MD
Dr. Elizabeth Honigsberg Staff of the Burn Center
Elizabeth Honigsberg, MD Staff of the Connecticut Burn Center
Dr. Roselle Crombie Meredith Fiumindinisi
Roselle Crombie, MD Meredith Fiumidinisi, RN
Dr. Masoud Azodi Dr. Rockman Ferrigno
Masoud Azodi, MD Rockman Ferrigno, MD
Dr. Kenneth Lipow Dr. Nakeisha Rogers
Kenneth Lipow, MD Nakeisha Rogers, MD
Dr. Dante Brittis Staff of Schine 7
Dante Brittis, MD Staff of Schine 7
Dr. Karine Toumanian Fairfield Urgent Care Center
Karine Toumanian, MD Staff of the
Fairfield Urgent Care Center
Kerry Iacovacci MaryEllen H. Kosturko, R.N.
Kerry Iacovacci, ICA MaryEllen H. Kosturko, RN
Vinnell Hoarde, RN WCC Staff
Vinnell Hoarde, RN
Richardson 9
Staff of the
Women’s Care Center
Staff of the Emergency Department NFPCI Staff
Staff of the Emergency Department Staff of
The Norma F. Pfriem Cancer Institute