Joseph Keane Perinatal Bereavement Lecture
Joseph Keane Spring Lecture is May 9, 2019

The first Joseph Keane Lecture for Perinatal Bereavement was held on June 7th at Yale New Haven Health’s Bridgeport Hospital. The Joseph Keane Lecture was attended by 125 doctors, nurses, residents, social workers, and chaplains from many hospitals across the state, as well as professors from Yale School of Medicine.  Jessica and Tim Keane kicked off the morning with a twenty-minute presentation providing a parent’s perspective on perinatal loss, the good to come of the Fund, and the importance of compassion. The event featured a keynote presentation from Michael Berman, MD, of New York’s Mt. Sinai Medical Center, as well as presentations from Elisabeth Schneider, a family therapist and manager for Tiny Miracles Foundation, and Leslie Shannehan, perinatal volunteer in Labor and Delivery and a member of Hope After Loss.

The lecture covered the physiological effects of perinatal loss on parents, focusing on emotional care and support during and after their loss.  In addition to a clinical presentation, three families shared their personal stories about losing an infant. By sharing their experiences, suggestions were given for healthcare professionals to support mothers and fathers in the first moments after a loss and beyond. Jessica, Tim, and the other presenters urged attendees to return to their respective hospitals and educate their staffs about this issue, which is sometimes overlooked in clinical training and rarely spoken about.

We are proud to say that in the surveys completed by the Lecture’s attendees, an overwhelming 93% said they learned something that they will incorporate into their practice!

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Photos from 2018 Joseph Keane Perinatal Bereavement Lecture

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