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Desire to make an impact

Weston’s Douglas Aaron gives back to Bridgeport Hospital through his nonprofit organization.

Douglas Aaron always knew he wanted to serve others.  Raised in Weston, CT, his parents instilled this appreciation of service in him and his four siblings.

After earning his Bachelor of Arts degree from Bowdoin College, he worked at a firm that invested and managed the endowments of nonprofit organizations.  He returned to school to earn a Master’s degree in Public Policy from Harvard, and then worked in private equity in New York City.

But the nonprofit world and Connecticut would call him back.

In 2014, Aaron founded the nonprofit organization Care Cooperative, Inc. to support medical facilities and their patients in need.

“Supporting Bridgeport Hospital was a simple decision. Bridgeport Hospital not only provides outstanding medical care, but also is deeply dedicated to the wellness of its patients and the health of the local community,” said Aaron. Care Cooperative works closely with medical facilities to understand, and then fulfill, their needs. The organization enables medical facilities to request, and donors to provide, goods and services that immediately
benefit patients and communities.

Through the Care Cooperative website, donors can select an item or service aligned with their interests and fund that request. After finalizing a contribution, donors receive a thank you message that demonstrates and reaffirms the impact of their donation.

Since Care Cooperative is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, all donations are tax-deductible. In addition, 100 percent of contributions to a medical facility’s request go directly to that request.

These donations can range anywhere from a grief counseling session to a cardiac defibrillator. The monetary
range of philanthropic opportunities means that people can make a direct and positive impact on Bridgeport Hospital whether the request that they fund is small or large.

Through its generous donor community, Care Cooperative has supplied stair lifts for patients who are immobilized, home health aides for geriatric patients and music therapy sessions. Over the past two years, Bridgeport Hospital has received thousands of dollars in goods and services from
Care Cooperative, requests that most likely would have remained unmet.

“I believe that quality medical care extends beyond the walls of a building. It begins in the community by offering health resources, continues in the hospital by serving those in need, and returns to the community by helping patients
remain well. Bridgeport Hospital provides this level of care every day, and for that reason and many more, it is a privilege to support the hospital,” said Aaron.

If you are interested in more information on Care Cooperative or would like to become a donor, visit