A Special Message from Dr. Kunkes


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A Special Message from Dr. Kunkes

We are delighted to share a video message from Dr. Steven Kunkes, a distinguished cardiologist who has served Bridgeport Hospital patients for over 40 years. In the video, Dr. Kunkes encourages contributions to Bridgeport Hospital’s Bringing Technology to Life Campaign. The Campaign will equip the Joel E. Smilow Heart Institute, part of the Heart and Vascular Center at Bridgeport Hospital, with the most advanced technology for patients requiring interventional cardiac procedures.

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Dr. Kunkes also discusses technology that enables a remarkable, minimally-invasive technique for removing stroke-causing blood clots. He explains how what was once a potentially fatal medical crisis can now be swiftly resolved, allowing patients to recover fully and leave the hospital within a matter of days.

Community philanthropic support is critical to acquiring this new technology and helping us create a healthier and more vibrant community. Please consider joining Dr. Kunkes, his physician colleagues and dozens of others with a contribution to the Bringing Technology to Life Campaign – click to donate. Your gift will directly impact the lives of countless individuals, ensuring they have access to the best possible healthcare right here in Bridgeport.

For further information on the Bringing Technology to Life Campaign, please contact Danielle Marchione at 203-384-4755 or email danielle.marchione@bpthosp.org. Thank you for your consideration and generous support!