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Bringing You World Class Care. Never Safer.

It has been an extraordinary 100 days at Bridgeport Hospital. Since our first COVID-19 patient was admitted on March 14, our entire staff has done an incredible job preparing and caring for patients with the Coronavirus.  At our high point, we cared for over 240 inpatients, including 42 on mechanical ventilation and over 60 requiring intensive care. In total, we have discharged over 850 COVID positive patients back to their homes and families.

Thankfully, the volume of COVID-19 patients at our hospital and throughout Connecticut has been declining for more than a month.  This trend, coupled with increased access to testing, adequate supplies of personal protective equipment and inpatient bed availability, have allowed us to consider a careful resumption of inpatient and outpatient services.

We do not want any of our patients to delay their healthcare. Bridgeport Hospital is here for you and our guiding principle is to provide a safe environment of care for patients and staff.  Some of the many safety measures we are taking include: masking of all staff and patients, COVID testing of each patient prior to hospital admission, more frequent and higher-intensity cleaning and disinfection, liberal testing of our medical staff and employees and appropriate restrictions on visitation.  For more information on the many ways we are ensuring your safety, please visit and view our “World Class Care. Never Safer.” video by clicking on the image of Dr. Rockman Ferrigno above.