Bridgeport Hospital Foundation 2020 Annual Report


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Bridgeport Hospital Foundation 2020 Annual Report

2020: A Year of Unprecedented Challenges

In times of crisis, we call on those we trust. When COVID-19 hit Connecticut, Bridgeport Hospital answered the call to heal, protect and defend our community. Our healthcare heroes selflessly met the challenges of the pandemic with ingenuity, resilience and optimism. The wide range of healthcare needs of our communities has been a constant during the pandemic. People continue to count on the hospital’s medical professionals for emergency care as well as surgeries, preventive screenings and other routine treatments. The virus has taken a heavy toll on many, bringing much-needed focus on the hospital’s mental health services and the importance of wellness for mind and body. In a dynamic and tremendously challenging environment, Bridgeport Hospital remains steadfast in providing safe, compassionate, world-class care to our loved ones, friends and neighbors, no matter what it takes.

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