COVID-19 Containing the Spread

Containing the Spread

Yale New Haven Health utilized its vast research capabilities to help develop lifesaving patient
protocols for effectively treating patients while sharing its resources, staff and medical expertise
with others during the pandemic. With donor assistance, many supportive programs were put in
place to assist our valuable healthcare workers. The introduction of Coronavirus vaccines in
early 2021 allowed Bridgeport Hospital front line employees and medical staff to be among the first
to roll up their shirtsleeves when the FDA granted emergency use to several vaccine manufacturers.
As a next step, our hospital joined the statewide effort to bring the vaccine to the public. In a
continuing effort to protect our patients and staff, all members
of our workforce were required to be vaccinated. Other parts of our program included a vaccination
awareness and education program to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of the vaccine; and,
the development of pop-up vaccination clinics throughout the Bridgeport area, which allowed us
to reach the community outside of the hospital. Bridgeport Hospital was one of the first in the state
to offer lifesaving monoclonal antibody therapy for people at risk for hospitalization from COVID.